About our company   • •

Abycus is a New Orleans-based custom web and software development firm that specializes in educational and entertaining products. Founded in 1999, we are proud to bring seasoned IT professionals to address challenging projects developing applications for mobile devices such as iPhone and iTouch. A complex solution requires skilled Project Managers, Software Engineers, Graphic designer, Musicians - and we have them all under one roof.

We proud to work with best children professionals to help to develop outstanding educational software for our kids. Our projects are closely guided by and developed with Ph.Ds in children psychology and veterans of child education. Over the years we have developed a unique methodology that is now available to you via simple software applications. This is all backed up by our highly skilled technical team that makes it a unique combination to advance your child and make the learning fun at the same time.

Developing best educational products for our kids is not just our business - this is our passion! After all, we are parents too!

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