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People who are musically talented are often also talented at skills involving spatial-temporal integration, such as math, chess and engineering.

How to Raise a Smarter Child
XyloPlay   • •

"It's captivating... it's fascinating ...it's enthralling... it's just fun for you, your kids, and everyone in the family."
A Game to relax, to play, to fascinate or keep your kids busy if you need to!

We are all born talented and gifted like Mozart, Beethoven, Einstein, and Twain.

We just need to let our talents grow. One way to do it to engage in music. It can be listening to music, playing or even composing! What is great about XyloPlay is that it lets you do it in a fun and easy way. You can play prerecorded tunes, pick different xylophone sounds, and create, save or replay your own melodies. Enjoy and stay tuned!

Main Features:

  • Play 3 musical instruments - Xylophone, Marimba, Tubular bells
  • Glide from one pitch to another, just slide finger
  • Record and replay your own melodies
  • Play/pause and learn prerecorded tunes
  • Great Visual interface.
Brick Attack 360   • •

Classic Arkanoid game goes 360!

This is a revolutionary re-development of a classic game: Arkanoid, aka BreakOut, with a uniquely modified design! You now have three, not one, paddles that allow you to control the ball from all angles in the circle! This game is about Total all-around attack on the brick structure - a concept familiar to millions of users since the days of the classic Arkanoid game launched in 1986. Rules are still simple. A and great wealth of combinations and strategies in this cool, "new" game will keep you entertained for hours. The goal is to explode all bricks that surround the Magic core and to blast your way through all levels.

Brick Attack 360 is a highly addictive Arkanoid remake that won't let you stop playing for at least a week once you install it.

Math Guru   • •

Do you know the world's most successful people are all good in Math?

Math Guru is ideal for kids between the ages of 5 and 10. It is an excellent application that will allow kids to have fun with math while learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Math Guru is "your ultimate babysitter" since it engages kids while driving, riding a train or waiting in line. Excel your child's math skills with innovative problem solving experience and not the "old fashion guess work." It really works. Our Game will teach your child to think.

Main Features:

  • Makes learning basic math skills fun.
  • Provides challenging methods for drill-taking.
  • Universal scoring systems allows unbiased comparison.
Math Guru TOP 10
1.Math Guru 98881
2.Math Guru 1223
3.Math Guru 5346
4.Math Guru 65
5.Math Guru 456
6.Math Guru 34
7.Math Guru 231
8.Math Guru 1222
9.Math Guru 31
10.Math Guru 535
Brick Attack 360 TOP 10
1. Brick Attack 32561
2. Brick Attack 53111
3. Brick Attack 233
4. Brick Attack 6568
5. Brick Attack 566
6. Brick Attack 2772
7. Brick Attack 67568
8. Brick Attack 2200
9. Brick Attack 511
10. Brick Attack 2345
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