XyloPlay   • •

"It's captivating... it's fascinating ...it's enthralling... it's just fun for you, your kids, and everyone in the family."
A Game to relax, to play, to fascinate or keep your kids busy if you need to!

We are all born talented and gifted like Mozart, Beethoven, Einstein, and Twain.

We just need to let our talents grow. One way to do it to engage in music. It can be listening to music, playing or even composing! What is great about XyloPlay is that it lets you do it in a fun and easy way. You can play prerecorded tunes, pick different xylophone sounds, and create, save or replay your own melodies. You can switch between marimba, tubular bells or xylophone sounds. XyloPlay even lets you browse through and listen to some popular melodies like Lullaby, My Bonnie, Saints Go Marching, Swan Lake and more. And did you know that xylophones are known for their remarkable ability to assist children musical development. Use XyloPlay the same way as you would play a regular xylophone. Enjoy and stay tuned!

Main Features:

  • Play 3 different musical instruments - Xylophone, Marimba, Tubular bells.
  • Record and replay your own melodies.
  • Glissandi/Gliss - glide from one pitch to another, just slide finger left to right.
  • Play/pause and learn prerecorded classical tunes.
  • Great Visual interface.

2009-2010 Abycus. Applications for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.